A picture can speak a thousand words...about you. 

Bespoke hand painted drawings bring old fashion favourites back to life. 

Malby Bird reinvigorates traditional leather goods and accessories with unique, colourful and personal artwork tailored to your own passions and style. 

Combining two talents that work symbiotically: Sanaz Givili’s luxury experience with Ján Teplan’s fine art talent, Malby Bird solves the dilemma of how to up-cycle high end pieces that need a little love, to cover a mark or to simply bring back on trend.   

With the help of this Notting Hill based artist duo, together you can concept the perfect design and then chose from three final proposals that meet your brief.  

Prices vary depending on the design, size and the fabric of the item and start at £150.

Drawing on Ján’s Slovakian heritage, the word for ‘Malby’ translates to ‘painted'. The couple paired it with the inaugural bird painted on the very first bag and Malby Bird was born. 

As a talented artist, Ján’s beautiful work has already been seen in countless commissioned portraits.  Now in Malby Bird, the art can be transported into day to day street wear, yet remain one-of-a-kind and personally connected to its every owner.

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